The Coalition for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (CDCE) congratulates the members of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review Panel for their important contribution to the modernization of legislation governing Canada’s communications sector. The CDCE welcomes the call for urgent action and the importance given to cultural sovereignty in the report, and urges the government to act on it.

Many of the panel’s recommendations are consistent with the priorities put forward by the CDCE. “We are particularly pleased to note that one of the three immediate actions recommended is the adoption of a new exemption order to ensure that digital platforms contribute to the financing and development of Canadian content,” said Jérôme Payette, CDCE Treasurer.

Among the CDCE’s other priorities outlined in the report is the granting of new powers to the CRTC. The fact that it can impose spending and discovery requirements on all media content companies is an excellent thing. Similarly, the CDCE is pleased that the report calls for transparency requirements for media content companies with respect to online content consumption data and criteria for recommendation algorithms.

The CDCE and its members will continue their analysis of the report and lobbying in the coming weeks, with a view to having short-term measures adopted. Questions remain about the lack of recommendations for telecommunications service providers to contribute to the financing of cultural content, a choice that the CDCE finds difficult to explain given the profits that these businesses generate through growing access to online cultural expressions. Other uncertainties remain regarding the effects of the proposed changes on financing and the diversity of cultural content.

“This is an important step that is coming to an end and the process of reviewing the broadcasting and telecommunications laws must now move forward,” said Jérôme Payette. “The government must now take the necessary measures to ensure that digital players contribute to the funding and development of cultural content. It is a matter of survival for the sector. »

As the report rightly points out: “Canada and its leaders need to get this right – the nation’s cultural and national sovereignty, economic prosperity and democratic values are at stake.”


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Bill Skolnik, CDCE Co-chair
Céline De Dianous, Communication and Research Officer

    “Canada’s Communications Future” Report: Important Recommendations for Cultural Sovereignty

    Press release
    30 January 2020