Promoting Our Cultures in the Digital Age

May 27, 2024, 8:30 a.m.
The CDCE is organizing a major day of conferences ahead of the first meeting, in Quebec City, of a group of 18 experts mandated by UNESCO and the 153 Parties to the Convention to produce recommendations for protecting and promoting culture in the digital environment.

Budget 2024-2025: Copyright holders denounce federal government’s inaction

17 April 2024
CDCE reacts to the federal government's 2024-2025 budget plan. It denounces the federal government's prolonged inaction on copyright.

Cultural governance and platforms: Unfair practices and regulation issues

15 April 2024
Monthly watch covering all regions of the world, in partnership with GRIC-CEIM.

Online streaming act

CDCE Praises the passage of Bill C-11!

27 April 2023
The CDCE applauds the passage of Bill C-11, which has now passed all stages leading to Royal Assent.

Support from the entire cultural sector across the country

8 November 2022
Read excerpts from speeches made by several Coalition members in support of Bill C-11.
Campagne c11

Why support Bill C-11?

C-11 aims to ensure that large online broadcasters contribute equitably to cultural ecosystems.
Campagne c11

Bill C-11 on broadcasting: frequently asked questions

In response to the high level of misinformation related to Bill C-11 in the media and on social networks, the CDCE decided to answer the most frequently asked questions about the Online Broadcasting Act.