Cultural governance and platforms: AI concerns and anti-trust considerations

20 March 2024
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Bill C-27 on Artificial Intelligence and Data: The CDCE presents requests to protect the Canadian cultural environment.

14 March 2024
The CDCE has officially submitted three request to the Standing Committee on Industry and Technology in connection with Bill C-27 on Artificial Intelligence and Data (IADA).

Bill C-27: CDCE appears before INDU committee

12 February 2024
The CDCE has submitted recommendations for the study of Bill C-27 on artificial intelligence and data.

Online streaming act

CDCE Praises the passage of Bill C-11!

27 April 2023
The CDCE applauds the passage of Bill C-11, which has now passed all stages leading to Royal Assent.

Support from the entire cultural sector across the country

8 November 2022
Read excerpts from speeches made by several Coalition members in support of Bill C-11.
Campagne c11

Why support Bill C-11?

C-11 aims to ensure that large online broadcasters contribute equitably to cultural ecosystems.
Campagne c11

Bill C-11 on broadcasting: frequently asked questions

In response to the high level of misinformation related to Bill C-11 in the media and on social networks, the CDCE decided to answer the most frequently asked questions about the Online Broadcasting Act.