Campagne c11

Stand up for C-11! Write to your MP to protect our culture and artists

Bill C-11 will ensure that Canadian creations and productions have an important place on our airwaves and screens. Let's do this!
Campagne c11

Why support Bill C-11?

C-11 aims to ensure that large online broadcasters contribute equitably to cultural ecosystems.
Campagne c11

Bill C-11 on broadcasting: frequently asked questions

In response to the high level of misinformation related to Bill C-11 in the media and on social networks, the CDCE decided to answer the most frequently asked questions about the Online Broadcasting Act.

Bill C-11 at the finish line: CDCE urges elected officials to unite for quick passage

8 March 2023
The CDCE welcomes the tabling yesterday by the Minister of Canadian Heritage of a motion following the work done by the Senate on Bill C-11.

Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act, after the Senate review: CDCE’s analysis

6 February 2023
As part of the House of Commons review of Bill C-11, the CDCE is submitting a detailed analysis of the 26 amendments it will be asked to vote on: three must be rejected and four must be retained.

Support from the entire cultural sector across the country

8 November 2022
Read excerpts from speeches made by several Coalition members in support of Bill C-11.


Transnational debates toward the regulation of online streamers

22 March 2023
Monthly watch covering all regions of the world, in partnership with GRIC-CEIM.

Transnational debates over the treatment and value of digital cultural content

3 March 2023
Monthly watch covering all regions of the world, in partnership with GRIC-CEIM.

C-11 returns to the House of Commons: four demands to protect cultural sovereignty

3 February 2023
The Senate's consideration of Bill C-11 was concluded on February 2. Unfortunately, the CDCE, is very disappointed that, contrary to its demands, the Senate did not take this final step to repair a major flaw in the bill