Photo © Sean Pollock

The October report begins with the harsh negotiations between Danish audiovisual producers and major streamers toward the development and production of local series and films, as well as with the clash between Arab states of the Persian Gulf and large streaming services over national censorship policies of online audiovisual content. In addition, the report highlights the intention of the European Commission to launch a public consultation on whether technology giants, such as Google or Facebook, should bear some of the costs of Europe’s telecoms network. Then, the report emphasizes the worldwide expansion of several video streamers, focusing on Australia and Finland. The report also turns to new business plans and strategic partnerships of streaming platforms. The first deals with the agreement between US music publishers and top streaming services, such as Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, on royalty rates for song owners, while the second relates to the cheaper, ad-supported plans launched by Netflix and Disney Plus. Finally, the report focuses on Spotify’s plan to launch audiobooks for US listeners.


    Streaming platforms: between censorship policies and negotiations with culture professionals

    Global watch
    14 October 2022
    Global watch