Photo © Erik Aquino

The Coalition for the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (CDCE) launched the campaign on August 20 to ensure that its main recommendations to protect and promote the diversity of online cultural expressions are adopted by political parties during the election campaign.

We analyzed the platforms of the five main federal parties and reproduced in the following pages the commitments made on culture. We have added additional announcements that have been communicated in the media or by the parties themselves. Finally, we also retained new commitments made by the candidates of the five parties who participated in the Debate on Culture and the Media (DCM) on September 18 at the National Monument in Montreal[1].

We do not claim to be exhaustive and invite the reader to refer to platforms, articles, news releases and videos to learn about the arguments, assessments and criticisms put forward by parties and candidates. We will review any new information provided to us by email for possible inclusion in this document.

At the end of this document, we will recall the main recommendations made by the CDCE and transmitted to each of the parties before the election campaign was launched.

[1] The elements retained are not necessarily quotations and are reproduced from our notes. We have not reproduced the commitments contained in other documents or statements made by the parties.


    Positions of political parties on culture

    8 October 2019
    Elections, legislative review