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The September report begins with the decision from the European authorities to open an
office in Silicon Valley, California, in order to promote dialogue with large tech firms and
online platforms toward the implementation of the two centerpieces of the digital strategy
of the European Union (EU): the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act. In
addition, the report deals with the US-led negotiations on an Indo-Pacific Framework for
Economic Prosperity. Then, the report emphasizes the worldwide expansion of several
video streamers, such as Disney Plus, Netflix and highlights in which ways global video
streamers seek to align their online catalogue with national censorship policies. Moreover,
it focuses on new data showing that US streaming viewership has surpassed cable TV for
the first time. Finally, the report turns to new business plans and strategic partnerships of
streaming platforms, focusing on Netflix’s activities and on the launch of the new music
platform TikTok Music.

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    Streaming platforms: between global expansion and increasing legal obligations

    Global watch
    16 September 2022
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