Stand up for C-11! Write to your MP to protect our culture and artists

Illustration © Sébastien Thibault

If you believe that online businesses should contribute to the Canadian cultural ecosystem in the same way that traditional businesses do, in order to support the funding and promotion of our films, television programs and music, invite your Member of Parliament to support the CDCE’s requests.

For citizens and the cultural community, Bill C-11 is about fairness, creativity and freedom of expression. To understand why the entire cultural community supports it, read this or our FAQ.

But it’s not over yet: in the last few months, the Senate has adopted 26 amendments. Some of these amendments improve the bill, but others could dramatically undermine its effects. Read our full analysis to learn more.

The decisions that Members of Parliament make when analyzing the amendments passed by the Senate will be critical to the future of our culture and our artists.

Write to them and urge them to support the CDCE’s proposals in this crucial final step!