The May report begins with the discussions about the Nurture Originals, Foster Art, and Keep Entertainment Safe Act (NO FAKES Act) in the United States (US) and the ways in which the different stakeholders deal with the new draft bill. The report also highlights the Ensuring Likeness, Voice, and Image Security Act (or ELVIS Act) recently adopted by the US state of Tennessee. In addition, the report focuses on the initiative from the Canadian government to adopt a new digital services tax, targeting large multinational technology companies operating within the country. Moreover, the report  focuses on new business plans and the struggle for subscriptions among streaming services, looking at TikTok, Universal Music Group, Netflix, Prime Video, and Spotify. Finally, the report emphasizes new partnerships in the platform-based economy, focusing on Paramount Plus and Disney Plus.

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    Culture, artificial intelligence and platforms: From regulation issues to new business plans

    Global watch
    26 May 2024
    Global Watch