The May report begins with the regulatory issues around generative artificial intelligence (AI) systems, by analyzing in which ways the existing law should apply to copywritten works the AI trains on and how public authorities should treat those works. The report also discusses the negotiations on the European Artificial Intelligence Act and in which ways the European Parliament seeks to frame the debate about generative AI systems. Besides, the report analyzes the UK Government’s new draft Media Bill, dealing with streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video. In addition, the May report emphasizes the struggle for subscribers and geographical expansion of streaming services, highlighting a report published by the European Audiovisual Observatory and a study from Netflix about the African audiovisual streaming market. Finally, the report turns to new partnerships and business plans, dealing with the decision from Amazon and Apple to release their film productions in cinema theaters and with the launch from Warner Bros. Discovery of the new streaming service Max.

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    Digital Cultural Governance: Between Artificial Intelligence Challenges and Regulation Issues

    Global watch
    18 May 2023
    Global watch