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The November report begins with the establishment of the trade group Streaming Innovation Alliance, which brings together major streaming platforms in the United States to influence policymakers and public authorities for policies and measures that benefit the streaming industry. The report also deals with the discussions on the bipartisan No-Fakes Act, aiming to protect actors, singers, and other performers from Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated replicas. In addition, the report highlights two lawsuits, dealing with copyright infringement and the use of AI in the music and book industries. Moreover, the report emphasizes new partnerships and business plans, focusing on Amazon, Netflix, and on eight European public broadcasters, which started partnering together to compete big US-based online streamers. Finally, the report turns to the struggle for subscribers and geographical expansion among streaming services, with those of Netflix and Max.

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    Trade alliances and artificial intelligence: Cultural governance at the crossroads of technological transformations

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    9 November 2023
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