The main objective of the CDCE is to ensure that Canada retains the sovereign right to develop, implement, and amend policies, programs, and measures necessary to guarantee an abundant supply of Canadian artistic expressions of all kinds, on all media, and from all communities. The CDCE also strives to protect and promote our artists and cultural industries, ensuring a rich diversity of cultural expressions in Canada and worldwide, including in the digital environment.

In this regard, the development by the Canadian government of a practical code to frame generative AI systems such as ChatGPT, Dall-E 2, and Midjourney is of great interest to our organization and all the members we represent.

Generative AI is already having a major impact on the cultural sector. Copyright-protected works and other objects are being used, usually without consent, credit or compensation, to drive machines. Secondly, AI-generated content raises numerous legal and ethical questions, touching on copyright, of course, but not only.

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    Comments from the CDCE as part of the Consultation on the development of a Canadian code of practice for generative artificial intelligence systems

    15 September 2023
    Artificial Intelligence